Silicone Conductive Rubber TENS Pad

Product ID: Q-01, Q-02, Q-03, Q-04
Silicone Conductive Rubber TENS Pad

  The silicone rubber pad series - Q-type, is designed to be completely conductive. With the pin size being 2mm, the rubber pads will fit with most standard leadwires. Currently available in 4 sizes. Custom design welcome.

►CE0120    ►GMP   ►SGS Certified   ►FDA 510k OTC  ►SFDA ►Health Canada


Electrode Layers 

Avalible Sizes & Shapes

Conductive Silicone

Serial Number Size Resistance
Q-01 35 x 45mm Under 200 Ω
Q-02 45 x 95mm Under 200 Ω
Q-03 34 x 37mm Under 200 Ω
Q-04 50 x 90mm Under 200 Ω


Customize your backing types

       Conductive Silicone with black color ONLY