About Us

Wandy Rubber Industrial Co., Ltd.
was founded in 1987 and has specialized in
silicone electrode pads, self-adhesive electrode pads,
and electrosurgical circuit pads for more than 30 years.

With years of experience in the production
of electrode pads for TENS/EMS devices,
we have developed a unique Medium Frequency
4-Independent Channel device called E-TENS that is effective
for pain management, as well as many other customized products.


Wandy Rubber Industrial Co.,
owns various patented technologies along with precision testing
instruments and production equipment,
we strive to provide customers with excellent
and diversified product design services.

From R&D to production, our company operates and manages with the highest professional and rigorous attitude in regards to product and quality service. Not only are we certified by GMP, ISO 13485 international quality standards, many of our products are accredited by CE, FDA, GMP, CFDA safety certification.

Active innovation, excellent quality, honorable service, and sustainable operation have always been our business philosophy and the company will always adhere to this attitude as a goal to provide better products and services to our customers.

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